Sunday, February 21, 2010

Brent's Eagle Presentation

Thanks Jeff! So this was not the typical Eagle Court, but it was the way Brent wanted it, very simple and at home. Jeff made a special trip over to do the honors.

The Eagle Charge, Kevin, Craig and Brent

Grandma and Grandpa Wright

Congrats Brent we are very proud of you.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Imperial Classic Race Report-Brad

"It was a good race."

Race Report, Imperial Classic, Kyle

Today I raced at the Imperial Classic in Imperial california. It's down near the Mexican border. I raced cat 5's and junior 15-16. The cat 5 was a good race, although it was very wet and muddy. I tried to go in a break away with three laps to go, but got chased down immediately. There was one crash which was right behind me, a teammate of mine narrowly avoided it. I ended up rolling in at 24th place.
The juniors race was a lot of fun. With a drier course and less racers than the fives, it was not as sketchy. I was able to stay with the group in the sprint finish, to fourth place, out of ten. I am happy with the result, but I wish I could have made the podium. Oh well.

Friday, February 19, 2010


This was our excitement for today, the sign was installed. Now we are off to the lovely city of Imperial (El Centro) for Kyle and Brad to race tomorrow morning.

Thursday, February 18, 2010


Brad was inducted into California Junior Scholarship Federation last night. WooHoo Brad! Congrats. The best part is getting to miss a day of school to go to Disneyland.

Sand Hollow (St. George)

It says Ironman Swim 45 degrees.

Craig, Soon to be "IronCraig"!

On May 1, this barren lakeshore will have 2000 athletes and a multitude of friends and family crowded around to cheer them on.

Craig and Kevin

Craig and Kevin are on their way home from Utah, Craig had some patients to take care of. They decided to get in a training swim this morning at Sand Hollow, the actual swim start of IMStG. They're ready, what do you think? It couldn't have been too bad, look at those smiles.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Cabin Weekend, Flips, Flops and Big Air

It was Valentine's Day weekend.
Big John's Ride

Ariel--just plain amazing
Me at my one of my favorite places.
Brent and Ariel at the top of the sledding run.
We rolled the green summit last year and this year, hmmm bad luck with the Summit. Bri did an excellent duct tape repair. Sarah ended up with a bump on her noggin, insisting all the time that Bri came between her and the machine to protect her.
I love this picture, note Ariel's intensity, she's a natural.

If backflipping gets a little boring, we can jump snowmobiles.

Bad Brad

First thing on the to-do list when we got to the cabin was to build a jump, note Kevin the Great with his bowl of popcorn, Kev told the boys he didn't want to jump but he would sit in his Crazy Creek, eat popcorn, cheer and take pictures.
This is Brad's first back flip.
You should have heard the cheering! Check out Kev in the background yelling for Brad.

More cheering as Kyle nails his flip.

Check out Brent on his first try.
Look close, his left ski flew off, special talent to land this with one ski!

So Kev thought he didn't want to jump, but couldn't resist anymore, he had to do it with style (no I'm not talking about his clothes). If you look closely at the picture--double click on it to blow it up, you will note he is jumping with the popcorn bowl in his hand and that "snow" flurry by his skis is a flurry of cheddar popcorn flying out of the bowl.

Ariel made his favorite cake for him.

Real fireworks to celebrate Brent's birthday.

I have a few more pictures to add and try to fix the missing picture. I'll try to work on it tomorrow.