Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween!
My friend Cathy A. had a post this week on FB about making pumpkin burgers.  Pumpkin Burgers you might ask, what are pumpkin burgers?  Exactly what I asked Cathy today.  Cathy happily shared with me the recipe for her family's traditional pumpkin burgers.  Brad decided we needed to try these for dinner. Are you ready for the directions?
Flatten one refrigerator biscuit (I used the Grand size ones) top with crumbled, cooked hamburger with barbque sauce, shredded cheese and another flattened refrigerator biscuit "carved" anyway you desire. Bake and there you go Halloween dinner. If that's not filling enough add a side of Halloween candy from that bowl by your front door. This is not a dish to add a side of veggies to, at least not today.

Halloween Mystery!
Guess who--

RHS Homecoming 2010

RHS Homecoming 2010
Kyle and Brad
The Freshman party bus

Brad and the gang

We had lots of fun taking pictures, Brad didn't think it was so fun and Kyle escaped with his friends before we could get more than one or two.  Craig thought the best shot was of all the families torturing the boys with "just a few more".  Thanks to Julia and Kasey for providing the "party bus" we appreciate your part in the fun time the boys had.

2nd Annual Temple to Temple

2nd annual Redlands to Newport Beach temple to temple ride.  Picture look blurry?  Yeah, well it's rain, the ride started with rain through Riverside then became a beautiful day.  Julia and I were sag again which I really enjoyed, especially those through Riverside miles!  Last year rolled fairly smooth, not even a flat--this year four flats, two riders down, a ripped tire, complete change of clothes to ward off hypothermia for one rider, but they all made it.
At Newport--(my group picture turned out to be a video) Did I mention two riders went down, check out Craig's leg, he went down and Merrill went over the top of him. Oh the glory of a little road rash!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Breakfast in Irvine

Brian is in Irvine interviewing for internships, Craig and I got a
chance to see him this morning and have breakfast with him.
Good luck with the rest of your interviews son!  We love you.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Update on Brent

Brent is at base camp in Mount Vernon, Washington after 26 days of adventure backpacking in the Pasayten Wilderness.  This is what he said on his Facebook status update:

"Pasayten me and you are done.... good times... sailing in Canada    Friday!!!"

It's been fun to talk to him, he leaves at 3:00 am tomorrow for British Columbia, he has two weeks of sailing the Straits of Georgia.  It sounds like it is quite the adventure just to get there.  Ferries, shuttles, more shuttles, etc.

 Note the new look, what do you think?  I think security might just escort him out of the MTC parking lot when he shows up.  Maybe an extreme makeover will be in order when he gets home.  He comes home on a Saturday night, do you think we can clean him up before Bishop H. sees him on Sunday morning?

He does clean up rather well don't you think?  

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Big Rock Tri

I had a good race today, thanks to Redlands Tri Club and Big Rock for the entry.
Craig was my schlepper (he said he wasn't a sherpa today because he didn't race) I appreciate all the support.  First in my age group again, I guess you gotta love getting old!  Oh and I lost my Pure Energy bracelet, probably after the swim, maybe it came off with the wetsuit, probably why the bike wasn't as fast as I wished, darn I'm sure it worked.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Cupcakes and Oxygen Debt

I have done a lot of dumb things this week.  It's ok I say to myself, I have "post race stupidity syndrome".  PRSS a legitimate medical ailment first coined I believe by Jayne Williams of "Slow Fat Triathlete" fame.  If I recall correctly from Jayne's description this condition it should disappear shortly after your race.  Well, since I am aged, I believe it takes longer to dissipate like here it is almost a week later and I am still deep in PRSS or oxygen debt or something.
An example:  Heading to the gym to swim laps before water aerobics starts at exactly the same time water aerobics starts. order to avoid water aerobics I know the water aerobics schedule better than the ladies who do water aerobics.
Just now, I thought I'm going to make some cupcakes for Kyle and Brad before they get home from school, I grab a box of cake mix, mix it up, pour it into the cupcake pan thinking, hmmm... it's a little thick. I look on the box for how long to cook cupcakes--no cupcake directions--that's weird.  Check the sides of the box, check the back again, still no cupcake directions.  I finally look at the front of the box--oops brownie mix.  I now have brownies baking in a paper lined cupcake pan.  I'll guess I'll have to wait and see if brownies will come out of cupcake papers.  I even got out the food coloring (so domestic today) to make orange frosting (about as far as I go decorating for Halloween).  Maybe we'll just have to have orange frosted brownie cupcakes.  Maybe they'll be good, I'll let you know.

Well, they came out of the paper ok.

Craig agreed to be the guinea pig and try out my cupcake brownies, but he had a better idea than orange frosting!

The Verdict: Even better than cupcakes!

Monday, October 4, 2010

The boys wanted to point out to me....

How dad looks after a marathon....this was last year when he qualified for Boston.
And how mom looks after a marathon....this year when I PR"d. With the implication being, "mom you don't work hard enough".  OK, I'll work on working harder, tomorrow.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

It Seemed Like a Good Idea Three Months Ago

The title of this post was probably my favorite sign on the course today.  It was a good day, Craig was my sherpa extraordinaire and I smashed my last St. George time by about 45 minutes.  Needless to say I am happy.  I told Craig afterwards my secret goal was 9 minutes faster than what I did, he said I should have told him and we could've done it.  Maybe, but I was tired the last mile.  The wise advice for running St. George is to hold back on the top half and negative split the second half.  Last time I threw the advice out the window, ran the top half 30 minutes faster than I ran it today and died on the bottom half.  Today Craig held me back, paced me on the top, set a lofty (for me) pace on the second half and it worked, that's all I can say, hold back on the top and you will get amazing results.
Kevin and me after the St. George Marathon
Kev ran a 3:24, amazing, can you imagine what would happen if this boy actually trained!  Great job son.

Friday, October 1, 2010


So here lies glory, the blue shirt I earned from doing the St. George runners series, thereby guaranteeing my place in the marathon. The red shirt is as of this moment unearned glory, it is my marathon shirt. Wish me luck tomorrow as I set out to earn it.  I am running for Susie and Mitch, their road is much tougher than mine, and I will remember that with every mile.  Go Mitch, Go Susie.
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