Monday, December 29, 2008

Brian and Sarah

Thanks Kenisons! Cute kids.

Where We've Been

Sunday was church at Kerri's ward, I have forgotten how hard it is to have a 2 and 4 year old, especially with Sacrament last. Papa enjoyed the chance to take Kael out, and Brad was right behind him taking out little Kyle. My youngest children have not have the same privilege of taking siblings out as the older ones did.

Saturday, Sundance was sooo cold!

Friday, one night when Kerri was studying for finals Kael and Kyle did not want to go to bed, I promised them that if they would go to bed that when grandma got there we would go to Jump on It.  It worked!  We went!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

December 28


Thanks Craig for 29 great years. I love you.

Friday, December 26, 2008

One More Stop at Grandma and Grandpas

Kerri is showing Kendall a copper plate that Craig brought home from his mission

Kevin and Kendall
We headed back to the condo and finished the day playing games and having dessert, we had a great day.  Thanks everyone for everything.

Pizza and Christmas Traditions

When Craig and I got married he said, you need to know about my family's Christmas tradition. I said ok, no problem. He said, "We have pizza and rootbeer for Christmas." What!!! That's like sacrelegious, you need to have a big Christmas dinner, I didn't think that was a good Christmas tradition at all. My family is all about the food. Surely I could change Craig's mind about this one. This tradition came about as my mother in law found herself in the kitchen all day Christmas, cooking and cleaning and what she really wanted to do was to be playing with the kids and their new toys. So Christmas became pizza and rootbeer. Rather than change Craig, I have to admit he changed me. We have pizza and rootbeer and the kids wouldn't have it any other way, and neither would I. The last two years Kendall has invited us all to Pizza Factory, we have the whole place to ourselves and make our own pizzas.

A four year old expert pizza maker--Kyle
And a two year old expert pizza maker, they look very professional in their own aprons

              Kael, Kendall, Kyle and Kerri

Kev and Brad

Kev's helping Grandma make her pizza

                     Kerri and the boys


Brent and Kyle

                         Kael and Kendall

More Christmas at Kerri and Kendall's

Kael and his new Legos

Grandma, It's a miracle how Santa got my bike down the chimney

Hey Uncle Brad will you play Operation with me
Kevin is showing Kendall his graduation present from Papa Lytal, it is a commemorative edition CHP revolver that Papa bought a long time ago

Christmas Morning

The classic stair picture
Santa brought an iPod touch, but it was eclipsed by:

Outside the front door, big brother Kevin had left a BB gun
Now you might wonder why I have been slow to replace our old trampoline. A crazy 14 year old who doesn't use a trampoline in a typical manner. If you wonder what I mean by that, I'm sure there will be a future post with pictures as explanation.  Santa didn't hear mom saying "no trampoline".
And then there is Brent, check out that smile on his face.  It is said that parents need to choose their battles wisely:
I guess Brent thinks it was well fought by the look on his face!

Oops Bri, Santa really meant to get blue, we'll take care of that for you.
So guns turned out to be quite the big deal of the day

Love these boys

Dad got a cool Native American flute

Opening my present from Bri

Dad gave me the marathon finish picture and Kev the soccer picture, I have some frames to complete the arrangement.  Kev also gave me a black and white picture of an orange from the grove where they built the temple, I want to pair it with a black and white of the temple

This was leftover from last years white elephant party, it is the ugliest, most obnoxious (it makes noise) Halloween decoration.  It was in a box we were wrapping one of Brent's presents in.  He wants to know what he should do with this thing.  I told him save it for next year and give it to his favorite brother of the year.

Christmas Eve

I love Christmas Eve, I sometimes think it is even better than Christmas. It is a time of gathering and anticipation. We feel lucky this year that the roads to Idaho were bad and Grandma and Grandpa Wright couldn't go, that means we got to keep them here. Craig was off the whole day and despite my best efforts to be totally ready and not have anything important except dinner to do, it wasn't the case. But we did have a fun day.
We started by picking up Kael and Kyle so Kerri and Kendall could get some last minute shopping done.  We are at the mall parking lot and grandpa is being a crazy driver.  They are sliding all over the ice and having a great time.
The boys all had last minute stuff of their own to do, Brent took Kyle and Brad shopping and Kev met us there too, we met up at the food court for lunch.
Brian helping set the table for Christmas Eve dinner.
Shhh....we had to wake grandma up for the Christmas story
Kev couldn't wait till Christmas to give grandpa his present, it's a BYU basketball shirt from Coach Rose.