Saturday, October 31, 2009

Temple to Temple

Today was the first annual Temple to Temple cycling ride. The ride started at 7:00 am at the Redlands Temple and ended 80 miles later at the Newport Beach Temple.
Kyle, Craig and Brad
Redlands California Temple

The whole group, there were 17 total
The Team Redlands mighty juniors.

Through Riverside
First sag in Corona, Julia and I had the honor of being the Sag Ladies (Saggy Ladies, Tech Support, hmmm....we're still working on a cool title)

This is at Green River right before you get on the bike path to the beach.
Sag 2, near the Pond.
Way better than Gatorade, a little Dr. P

Regrouping on PCH
It's done! Kyle at the Newport Beach Temple
The whole group in Newport

Julia has some better pictures of the boys at the start and the finish. She said she's going to send them to the New Era, had to make sure to get the Dr. Pepper out of the pictures.
We had a great day, the weather was perfect and no flats!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Student of the Quarter

Not only Student of the Quarter, but Student of the Quarter in two subjects!!! Algebra II and World History. Good job Kyle. Just barely missed getting Chemistry and English too.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Wright and Wrong 2

Bri and I decided to add our own Wrights and Wrongs of the day.
Wright: I got put on-call last night and didn't have to work after the game. This meant I could sleep and actually stay awake in church. It was a good thing because I ended up sitting on the stand. When we got to church a Bishopric member told us that the ward organist was feeling sick and asked if Bri could step in. No, problem right?
Wrong: There are three hymns that Bri doesn't feel comfortable playing without practice: True to the Faith, For the Strength of the Hills, and For all the Saints. Yup, you guessed it. For all the Saints was the opening hymn and For the Strength of the Hills was the closing.
: Bri played very well and the bishopric apologized multiple times for throwing the songs at him with no practice.
Wrong: Now we're both at work till 6 in the morning. Yuck! :) Lovely way to start out a busy week.

So Wright, So Wrong!

Friday was an important day for one member of the Wright family, after enduring many hours at our favorite government building, Kyle got his permit.

So Wright!
So Wrong. Sorry Kyle, there is just something wrong with this picture!

And, for a few more Wright's and Wrong's this weekend:
Last week our microwave went out. We really can't complain, we got 15 years of heavy duty, faithful service from our GE Dualwave III. As you would imagine it is obsolete, which is ok except for the fact that it is mounted into the cabinets so it would have been very convenient to replace it with the same one or the latest version thereof. No such luck, and no luck finding a new microwave with dimensions that would fit the existing trim kit. So off we go to Harlow's, I'm into one stop shopping and besides the salesman would know what a trim kit was. We bought the microwave and ordered the new trim kit. Voila this weekend Craig installed our new microwave.
Our kitchen is a little dated (alot dated) and could use a total remodel, however that is not in the current budget so I debated about buying a new white microwave to go with our 90's white on white kitchen, or to update with stainless steel, for who knows what appliance may go out next and maybe we should just start with a stainless microwave. It looks good, what do you think?
Ok, it looks really good until you happen to see it with the white ovens.
So WRONG! But I'm just going to have to get used to it because those ovens (knock on wood) have been the best ovens and there's not a darn thing wrong with them, unless I was doing the total remodel there's no way I'm replacing them now.
If replacing the microwave weren't enough we also got something else new this weekend. What fun thing could that be I am sure you are wondering, well take a look:
That friends and family is a brand new 75 gallon water heater and new recirculating hot water pump. While hot water is one of those necessary luxuries in life, calling replacing the hot water heater "fun" is so Wrong! To add insult to injury while the plumber was still there working on this beast one of the garage doors went out, and I still am waiting for the roofer to return my call. Can I take solace in the fact that the house seems to be falling apart faster than Craig and me. I suppose that is a good thing.

What else could possibly be wrong about this weekend, well.....the St. George Marathon has this deal called the Runners Series. The deal is if you run two Washington County (St. George) races you get guaranteed entry into the St. George marathon. That sounded like a good deal to Kev and me so we signed up. The first race was yesterday.

We signed up for the 5k, it seemed like a logical choice, to get one race done before the weather started getting cold. The plan was for Craig, Kev, Kyle and Brad and me to go up Friday after the boys got out of school, Kev and I would run the race at 9:00 am and then we would all ride the loop part of the Ironman course before heading home. Well, things like the DMV, the plumber, oh yeah and Brad's sea kayaking trip on Saturday kinda got in the way. Just Kevin and I ended up going. We left at 1:00 am, drove to St. George, ran the race and drove home. Crazy, crazy. So Wright, So Wrong! But, maybe we should do crazy things like this more often, Kev was third overall and 1st in his age group and I was second in my age group (yes kids, there were more than two, actually eight!).

And just one more last Wrong, BYU lost.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Kyle and Brad have been invited to ride with Team PossAbilities. I went to the team meeting this afternoon and have to say I am impressed. PossAbilities was created to integrate challenged athletes and create opportunities for all. The team captains made the boys feel very welcome and were excited to be creating a junior program. The part I like the best is that the boys are expected to "give back". There will be many opportunities to give service. My impression is that they seem to take being a "team" seriously. It should be a great learning experience.

Sunday, October 4, 2009


Craig, Scott Sabey, Kristin and Merrill, sorry we didn't find Cindy for this picture too! Congratulations everyone.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Craig BQ'd

3:29:27. Qualified for Boston. Yahoo! I think we're going in 2011. The date is April 18, 2011, who wants to come too?