Monday, May 25, 2009

They're finished!

This is in our front yard. Whew we made it back to Redlands in time for Craig to shower and get back to Ontario for his flight. We were a little worried he might have to go straight to the airport. In which case I would feel very sorry for the person Craig had to sit next to. I was also a little worried about the logistics of a marathon in LA, parking, traffic, etc. It ended up being the perfect day, there is plenty of parking, traffic was a non issue and the day was cool and overcast. Love that June gloom.

Kyle was having a hard time walking, Brad and I found them on the street like this, Kev was helping him out.
Kevin Wright, 04:06:39 (NET) @ Finish Pace 9:24. Powered by Honda.
Kyle Wright, 01:45:16 (NET) @ Half Pace 8:01, Predicted 03:30:11.00. Powered by Honda.
Kyle Wright, 00:49:47 (NET) @ 10K Pace 8:00, Predicted 03:29:45.00. Powered by SAI Timing.
Kyle and kev should be together.

Team Kevin and Kyle

Team Kyle and Kev had an awesome day. Kyle's first marathon (and last, but I'll ask him that question again in a few days!)
They went out too fast and paid for it later but they had a great run. People along the way cheered on the "father/son" team. They would all ask "how old is your son?" Kev would just reply "15", never bothering to add that they were really brothers. Do you think if Kyle had run with Craig they would have said, "hey grandpa, how old is your grandson?"

Team Craig and Brent

Craig's hip has been bothering him and Brent hasn't been running much since track finished, so he and Craig decided to run it together. It was quite the route. When you run St. George you see rock, lots of red rock and it's beautiful. When you run LA you see the ghetto, mansions, the architecture of old LA, the architecture of new LA and most of all the faces of LA. The whole course was lined with people, there were aid stations at every mile and in between, spectators handing the runners their own bottled water, Snapple and goodies. My boys left very impressed with the overall quality of the event, the volunteers and the spectators. Having an almost perfect day for running a marathon didn't hurt either.

Dawn's First Light--La Marathon 2009

My boys are running the LA Marathon. Check back for updates. Craig Kevin Kyle and Brent are running, Brad in the middle is taking pictures and cheering with mom.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Is This for Craig or Lorene?

I was thinking it was time for a new background and look what I found!!! I chuckled as soon as I saw it, I knew I just had to have it, at least for awhile. Couldn't decide who it was for. I know what Craig thinks and I know what Lorene thinks. So everyone, do you like the background? Fill in the blank, this background is definitely for ________________________________________. I was thinking you would fill in the blank with one of two names, however if you would like to nominate someone else, feel free!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Brent-Prom 2009

Where's Craig, Where's Melinda

Craig leaves Utah for California
Melinda is supposed to leave California for Utah--plane delayed, can't make connection
Craig arrives in California--2:30 am
Melinda leaves for Utah--5:00 am
Melinda wedding shops, eats and visits loved ones. Good day.
Craig goes to a band concert, Fathers and Sons
Craig and the boys come home from Fathers and Sons, Kevin and Kyle ride home from Lake Perris on their bikes. Good ride. Craig gets thrashed by Brad on a mountain bike ride.  Go Brad!
Craig sees Brent off to prom.
Melinda does more wedding shopping.
Craig leaves California for Utah
Melinda leaves Utah for California
Is there something wrong with this picture? 

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

More Brian and Sarah pictures

I haven't had any new pictures recently to post but this weekend I'm going wedding dress shopping with Sarah and Bonnie....Oh wait, can't post those pictures either! So for some more fun pictures follow these links to Sarah's dad's blog (he does have a name, David Kenison) and enjoy. Click here, here and if you get tired of looking at Sarah and Brian (who would?!) try this one too. ENJOY.

Plan B

We didn't win the lottery, oh wait....did we? Didn't get into the St. George Marathon this year (except Craig who is guaranteed), so it is on to plan B. Amazing how many plan B's there are in our lives, not just sporting eventwise, but in all things. Usually plan B's lead us to new and unexpected adventures we may not have always had. So, I was sad for about 5 minutes and then decided to do Top of Utah, it's two weeks earlier so there's not time to slack getting ready, I suppose I need that. The good part is Craig can run this with me as my Sherpa/Ironman training run and then run St. George for himself, maybe BQ. Brian is definitely feeling like a lottery winner, Kev is running LA in two weeks and Ker is in for TOU--should be fun.

Sunday, May 10, 2009


Happy Mother's Day Mom!! I hope you have a great day. Too bad I can't be down there in California to celebrate it with you... I LOVE YOU!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Fw: Photos

Wedding plans are coming along, Brian and Sarah have already selected a beautiful location, I'm going to visit the weekend after Mother's Day and go shopping with Sarah and Bonnie, fun girl stuff.  No Bri you can't go dress shopping!  Sarah's Dad took these pictures today, I think they're great.  Hmm....reminds me I need to be digging up some pictures of Brian throughout the years, I think it's doable, Bri is number three, but forget about it for Brent.  Brent was number four, born before the digital age when he needed a baby picture for a class I finally said, "here just take this one, (of Kevin) no one will know it's not you."  I know, another moment of proud parenting.  But speaking of proud parenting, don't these pictures speak for themselves, we are very lucky parents to have raised Brian and to have Sarah joining the family.

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Boy, these kids are photogenic! We got some great shots today. I didn't retouch or crop any of these - just resized quickly to be able to send to you.



Saturday, May 2, 2009

Barrio Logan

Kyle and Brad
Brad's waiting to get his number
Brad, Cole and Zach at the start line.


Kyle at the start of his race.
The boys said it was a tough race, with a technical course and crazy fast riders.  I thought it might discourage them, but they both came home determined to do better, ride harder next time.  They are thinking about doing the Capitol Reef Classic Stage Race in July.