Friday, February 21, 2014

Morning Motivation

Kyran texted me this morning, "Grammie rise and shine it's training time!"  -Kyran
So off to spin class I went, I texted my cute Kyran back via Siri that I was "off to spend" hmm does Siri make Freudian slips for you.  I think spend class would be way more fun than spin class.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Chef Kael

My grandson Kael is "Chef of the Week" at Curious Chef! This is the one who bought a blender with his back to school gift card, and today with his new gift card he bought a kit for making frosting designs, and dog cookie cutters. "Grandma did you know you can flip the cookie cutter over and make eggs in it? Pancakes too!" I love this boy!
Congratulations to Chef Kael, our Chef of the Week for Feb. 3! Want to see your little chef in our cover photo? Post a photo of your kiddo using their Curious Chef tools at: