Saturday, May 31, 2008

Mount San Bernardino

It all started with Brad getting altitude sickness, he was sick all night, no sleep for him, Dad and Brent

Brad felt better in the morning, he and Brent are warming up their hands over a stove at Limber Pine.

Brent and Brad at Washington Peak

Brent, Dad and Brad sitting on a rock.

Good friends make hiking a lot more fun!!!

Friday, May 30, 2008

Honduras Comayaguela Mission coming to a close

I just sent Brian an e-mail, he only has 11 days left, Next week I will send him the last e-mail to his mission. Hopefully he will be as excited to see us as we will be to see him. I know he has a lot of things on his to-do list to check off. One of his frustrations is not being able to work as much in his area as he would like. Here is one of his latest e-mails:


pues otra semana ya pasó y no tengo mucho que contarles. Another week gone by. We finished up our zone conferences this week. It's strange to think that I wont be going to another zone conference ever again. We're trying our best to work hard in the area, but there are the normal unplanned emergencies and errands to run. We did divisions with the zone leaders from comayagua on thursday and friday so that was nice to get out to the are all day for that. Yesterday we were going to be the whole afternoon (2-9 pm) in our area, but president called and we had to go plan emergency changes again. I think I've learned in the office to always expect the unexpected. So we're trying our best to work hard despite of everything. Today we're planning on going to Ruby Tuesdays for lunch, which is a bit expensive for missionaries, but I think it's probably worth it. This next week we don't have a whole lot planned out with President so I think that means for time to teach which will be great. I hope the boys are having fun at Father's and Son's. Dad, ojalá pudiera haber estado allí yo, pero te quiero mucho. Cuidate. That's crazy that Jeff Paxman is already coming home. He left just before me, so that kinda makes it seem like my times running down. Tell him I said hi. Oh and tell Andrew Cannon I said hi as well. Have fun at the museum of modern art. Well family, I don't know what more to tell you. It was nice to be able to talk to you for mother's day. Mom, I hope you had a great mothers day. I love you! Family, I love you. Take care. hasta la próxima,
Elder Brian Wright

It kinda expresses his frustrations about office life. Here is the latest:


Well, it's kinda strange to think that Jeff is already home. He left just a few weeks before I did. I guess that means my time is running down. You all can count the days if you like, just don't tell me how many. At district meeting this last week (rare, because we hardly have time to go to district meeting) one of the elders going home this change was there. He came up to our room and wrote on the window of the door "21" and then made a hand signal and sound of a plane taking off. As hard as it is, I'm trying not to get baggy. I still have a lot to do in these last couple of weeks. We're trying to work hard with our investigators to see if we can get some baptisms before we leave. If not, leave somke investigators for the new assistants. One of the new assistants might come in in a week so that we can train him a little bit, but we'll see... Today we went to la Tigra again... the forest national park with a waterfall. It's always fun, but after three times you kinda already know what to expect... Next week we might go out to Valle de Angeles again and the week after I'm going to say goodbye to converts/members here in the city. Tell Jeff I said hi and I'll see him in a few weeks. For the mean time, I'm here working hard until the end. The time struggles between the office and the are as normal. This week might be worse because they're supposed to finish our new office, so we could be boxing stuff up to move it to the new office. I think they should wait until June 12th or so to move. It would be more convenient for me. Brent, how did your AP test go? Kyle, how are you doing with your piano piece for when I come home? Brad, how's the girlfriend? Brent, did you end up going to prom? (I went to one, and thought it was very overrated) Well family, I guess I'll write you next week. Have a great week! I love you!

Vikingman This and Vikingman That

WooHoo, this morning there was an e-mail from the race director of Vikingman, they will not strictly enforce cut-off times so everyone (hopefully) can finish. I'm excited and scared, this morning I'm going to do a long run, probably about 8-10 miles and a long easy bike, short run tomorrow. After that I'm just doing a few swims, short runs and bikes.
Kerri picked up a cap for both of us yesterday, I don't have booties, hopefully it will be ok. Ker is having some bike problems, I hope we can get something worked out. She may be able to use Kyle's. She is so used to pulling the trailer with the boys and running with the boys that she will just fly without the extra weight.
Craig, Brent and Brad are doing Mt. San Bernardino after school today, Kyle is going to Disneyland with CJSF. The hike is a training hike for Mount Whitney.
Sorry if you're tired of hearing me ramble on about Vikingman, soon it will be over! Whatever happens, happens, too late now to change anything.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Vikingman Training Down to the Wire

We went to Palm Springs yesterday, the plan was to get a long bike and run in while Kyle and Brad went to the skateboard park. This video sums up my training day. No bike, no run, just a nice snooze on the park bench. So have no sympathy for my whining when you read my Vikingman race report.

Broad Museum of Contemporary Art

Friday was a fun day. We went to the new Broad Museum at LACMA, Andrew Cannon was our personal tour guide. While I don't always understand contemporary art it was fascinating to have Andrew describe the background and the history of the artists and some of their works.

Thursday, May 15, 2008


Brad and Kyle had cycling this afternoon, it was 100 degrees and windy. They had their first time trial and did really well, super well considering the weather. This isn't a really great picture, you can see Kyle in the 7-Up jersey and the back of Brad's head, I could only get one picture and my battery went dead. I'll have to try again.

Brian Doesn't Like to Count, So I Will

26 more days. Here are his last two e-mails:

well family, this week has been another crazy week. The first time I went to my area was last night at 6:00 PM.... I said goodbye to Elder Chinn on Tuesday. It was kinda weird seeing him go home seeing as he came down to Honduras with me, but my new companion Elder Branch is awesome. After the training meeting with the trainers we drove some missionaries out to Comayagua. From there we went to take stuff out of the house way out in la esperanza to take back to them. It took us a long time to get the house out there clean and to take stuff out, so it was about 6 or 7 by the time we went to leave. At that point we realized we didnt have gas in the car. We went to the gas station and they said that there was no diesel fuel in all of la esperanza and that there wasnt even diesel anywhere except Teguc (which is running out). They told us it would be 8-15 days before they got diesel, so we were stuck 4 hours outside of tegucigalpa and our cell phone died. Finally we got ahold of president and he arranged for the office elders to fill up some tanks in teguc and come rescue us the next day. I thought we might have to just work out in la esperanza for a while opening the branch up again (it was closed a few weeks ago).... but we finally got out of there... quite a fun experience. On Friday we had a zone leader counsel which went well. All the old zone leaders left to train this change so there are a lot of new leaders in the mission. Elder Branch and I are determined to work hard for our last six weeks here in the mission, but it's tough when we've had a total of 3 hours in our area so far this week. Next week we start zone conferences.... should be fun. So I'm into Elms for summer then, huh? That's good. Now how do we get it so im rooming in the same apartment as Shane? As for the call for Mother's day... I think I'll do the same as last Christmas... You can just call me in the house with a phone card. I'll probably call you maybe on saturday or at some point to figure out was time is the best. I figure I'm going to see you in a month anyways, but I know that you want to talk to me, so we'll see how that goes.... So who all is planning on coming down for my homecoming? It's crazy how tiome time goes by. I'm now the only gringo missionary in the mission to have met the old mission president... and a lot of the missionaries now will end with the next mission president. So yeah, maybe kevin will have to teach me a little on how to dance... considering I know nothing..... Brent, good luck on the SAT, i never took it... Brad teenage mutant ninja turtles is awesome! Am I still registered to bike in the spudman? I'm sure Chase is an awesome zone leader out in Geneva... If you could get me his address I would appreciate it... I'd like to write him a letter this month. That's crazy that Jeff's all ready coming home this month! Well mom, Happy mothers day next week. Dad, I love you a lot... Just remember, I may not be able to call home on Father's Day, but this time I'll be home to tell you Happy father's day in person! Family, I love you a lot. Take care, I'll talk to you next week! Cuidense todos!
Elder Brian Wright

And the latest:

Well family, I suppose I'll be calling you soon to talk to you and figure out when to call. I think I'll have you call the office at about 8:00 PM (our time) I think that's 7:00 PM California time. If I remember right the phone card ran out last time, and I'm not sure I'll be able to call you back from the office, so you might want to take that into consideration. Sounds like dad's starting the countdown for when I come home... I'll be home in one month from today... It's insane how fast time goes by, but I still have a month left to work before I go home. This week we started zone conferences. Elder Branch and I are teaching about putting baptism dates. Its kinda hard for us to get out to our area a lot to put baptism dates ourselves, so I kind of feel like a hypocrit sometimes, but we do our best. It's strange now because all my mission companions are home now except for my current companion and he goes home with me. This morning I woke up at 4:00 AM to take two elders to the airport. One is finishing the mission going home for studies a little early and the other medical problems and homesickness... (he lasted a week in the mission, kinda sad) So this week has been busy with all of the events related to them going home. Mom, I'd say Happy Mother's Day, but I assume I'll be able to say that to you one the phone, so I'll wait... Thanks for getting all my housin situation fixed up with Shane. If you talk to him again, tell him I send him saludos. My last companion Elder Chinn wrote me. Apparently he's having fun with the future in-laws. He's won him self a Father-in-law... He's just gotta work on the future wife... crazy! Well family, congrats on getting into the St George marathon. I'll be rooting you on. Kyle, keep up the piano. Have you played in Church yet? Maybe on the 15th of june you can work something up... brad, I think you're crazy running the marathon at 12 years old, but thats AWESOME!!! Well, I'm looking forward to talking to you tomorrow! I love you all!!!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Beach Ride

Yesterday we had a fun day. Brent drove us to Green River and then Craig, Kyle, Brad and I rode to the beach, it's about 30 miles. Brent met us down at the beach with the skimboards and food. The boys had a great time skimboarding.

Kyle and Brad
Kyle, Brent took this pic it was one of his favorites



Friday, May 9, 2008

Lucky or Unlucky I Guess I'll Tell You in October

Last Name First Name City, State

So about a month or so ago when we were at the condo during spring break Craig got up real early, I didn't know what he was doing but soon he crawled back into bed with a smirk on his face. I rolled over and sort of groaned "What's that smirk all about?" He replied, "I just signed you up for the St. George Marathon," "Oh", I said and went back to sleep. See I wasn't too worried about it because it is a lottery system to get in and guess who is very unlucky in lotteries! Craig is a member of the Ten Year Club and has automatic guaranteed entry.
Today I did an 11 mile run, part of my Vikingman training. It went well but all along I'm thinking I'm sure glad I'm not doing 26.2. Well guess what, the lottery results went up tonight, Craig, Kevin, Brad and guess who, yes me got in. Oh dear now I'm really in trouble. And if that wasn't enough trouble, there are now cut-off times at Vikingman, I thought it was just 8 1/2 hour over all, but no, now it's 8 hours (more if you're a faster swimmer, but I'm not). You have an hour and ten minutes to do the swim and 4 hours after the last swimmer exits the water for the bike. This is my big concern, since they usually put the old ladies in the last wave, I don't gain any time and will probably have just 4 hours to do T1 and the bike. I think I'm ok if I don't hit a head wind, but if it is super hot and there's a head wind I may have big problems. I'm feeling ok about the run, but if I don't make the cut-off on the bike I can't even start the run even if I think I have enough time to finish.
So when did this inner athlete in me come out anyway, I'm too old for this. This is my race schedule for the rest of the year:

Vikingman Half Iron Triathlon June 7
Spudman Olympic Distance Triathlon July 26
Lake Arrowhead Triathlon (Sprint) Mid August
St. George Marathon (yes that's 26.2 miles!) October 4
Tour de Tucson November 22

DFL is better than DNF, DNF is better than DNS (at least that's what I keep telling myself)

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Brad is First Class

Last night was a scout Court of Honor, Brad got his first class rank. Hooray for Brad, Kyle also got some merit badges but he was at an honor band rehearsal. Kyle has his honor band performance tomorrow night at Clock Auditorium.