Thursday, March 24, 2011

Coach Ker!

Congrats to Kyle and Kael's teams for their first game and win of the season. Way to go Coach Ker!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Rumor Has It:


Brent Wright's big escape is almost here! It's true, he has been in the MTC for almost three months and finally will be leaving for Cambodia. Next Tuesday instead of eagerly awaiting Brent's emails we will be eagerly waiting for his phone call from the SLC airport and again from LAX. Here is his last email from the MTC:

Hey family this week was really good it went by pretty slow. The Cambodian ambassador was really cool and his wife was super nice he only wanted to speak Kmhae to us and was annoyed that the MTC president wanted us to start speaking in English since he was in the room too and couldn't understand... but we understood most everything he said and were able to respond in Kmhae. It was super cool I think it will definitely help make a friendship in the Cambodian government and it's cool to have a picture with him, he refused to believe that we have only been studying Kmhae for two months though he kept asking how long we studied it before we came to the MTC and we kept saying we didnt but he didnt really understand and just figured we weren't understanding him so that was kinda funny but it went way well overall, then I got my travel plans and the rough sketch of them is I leave the MTC at 1:40 pm on Tues then fly from like 4 -6 to LA then from LA my flight leaves around 11 pm to Hong Kong and then I don't remember exactly when I land in Hong Kong but it's like 17 hours then from there I fly to Cambodia and I arrive the morning of the 24 so its like a two day process. I am super stoked and I get to call you in the airport!!! So make sure you answer if a strange number pops up that day! :) anyways I love you family and drive safe this weekend,
Love Elder Wright

And speaking of rumors.....I have been hearing repeated rumors that Grandpa Wright's death has been greatly exaggerated. I have heard that he has ditched the hospital bed, been seen driving, and eating out with a certain blonde....could it be true? Well since we never trust a rumor we are headed up to see for ourselves this weekend. Looking forward to our visit. Also on the agenda for the weekend is some fun time with Kyle and Kael, hurray for being grandparents!

peaking of being grandparents, Sarah's brother Matt came home from his mission today to some great news. We are so excited, we're thinking pink.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

From the MTC

Hey family I am doing well. I have learned a lot about the country and the people. Some interesting things: I will teach all my lessons sitting on the floor and apparently will get nice calluses on my ankles from the way we are supposed to sit, also the people are super nice, their equivalent to our "how are you doing?" is..."have you eaten food yet?" We found that out this week, the people are apparently the nicest in the world so I am super excited to serve. Some interesting experiences I've had, we were teaching a Cambodian speaker in the TRC and he was acting as our progressing investigator and lets see I accidently said in Khmae "we need sin" when I meant to say, "we need forgiveness", the words are super close also one day my companion accidently said in Khmae " he feels happy when the people crucified Jesus" he meant to say sad also the words are very very similar. Another mishap was I accidentally started laughing at my mock progressing investigator when he said his parents had died already... he didn't mean to be funny there is the words "slap hauy" which literally means died already but if you use it in a certain context can use it like the phrase "dang it" in English. well I thought he was saying dang it and I was super excited that I knew what he was saying so I laughed but nope, I guess he was using it in the context that his parents had actually died already oops, but anyways those are my funny stories. Thus far the language is going well I can read ok enough that I can sound out any word and have the alphabet (largest in the world) memorized it is definitely a miracle from the Lord, nothing really else is new I'm just moving along fine and only have three weeks to the day till I leave for CAMBODIA. I love and miss you all. Love, Elder Wright
P.S. Tell Ally I hope she feels better, love you mom and dad