Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Some NYC pics

Times Square

Museum of Modern Art-they are displaying my my file system! We had tickets for the Met and Museum of Natural History too, if you really want to know why we didn't get there ask Brad for the story! I think we're just saving it for the next trip with you Brenny!

St. Andrews Cathedral

On the boat to the Statue of Liberty

Ground Zero

Chinatown-Kyle and Brad really didn't care what we did in NYC but they had to go to Chinatown, Kyle is driving a hard bargain for a cap. Ask Brad about his Rolex! Kyle's goal was to beat Brad's Rolex deal--he couldn't do it.
Joe's Shanghai came highly recommended, if you go to New York make sure you venture off the beaten path, down a little street (more like alley) to Joe's Shanghai. You have to order the soup dumplings. They're an appetizer. The boys liked them so much we had to go back the next day for soup dumplings again, this time everyone skipped their entrees and each of us ordered our own order of soup dumplings. Mmm, Yum!

This is being created out of sand, Washington Square Park, after seeing Washington Square Park and NYU Kyle decided he could go to NYU.

This pianist was playing at the park, Kyle loved it, we stopped and listened for a long time, he was amazing. If you ask Kyle where all of his money went in NY it was to the hats of all the street musicians and some crazy good brake dancers.

Quite amazing this is in the middle of NYC, looks like we're in the wilderness.

View from the Empire State Building
There was so much to see and do in New York I think we'll have to go again when you're home. We had a fun time figuring out the subway system. We took the train from New York to Boston, I liked it because it was very relaxing, no driving, navigating, traffic etc, I just sat back and read my book. Our train did break down in Connecticut, but oh well, just more time to read while they brought out another engine. We used the subway in Boston (easier than New York) and took the train to Maine. You could really get spoiled with public transportation, it's too bad it really doesn't work here. I'll put some of our Boston pics up for you before next week, we love you Brent.

Some Pictures for Brenny Boy

Ok, Brenny, more pics for you: here are a few from the open house in Redlands:

Grandpa made it!

We got so busy that no one took pictures once the guests started arriving, we had a great party, great evening. Did I tell you the cupcake story? Aunt Debi gave me the most gorgeous cupcakes you've ever seen! Aunt Lorene brought them over and set them out on the cupcake stand, it was late, we were all tired, we went to bed and the next morning----ANTS! They were covered in ants. I remembered Kristin R's sage advice "this can be solved with $20 and a trip to Albertsons!" I was at Albertsons at 6:00 am as soon as they opened crying to the bakery lady, (honest, crying I couldn't keep back the tears!) Can I get cupcakes? Can I get cupcakes today! Bakery lady, "Of course honey, we can get you cupcakes, how many, what color, what flavor? I'll have them ready for you by noon!" Saved the day! No one even knew (or cared) about the most beautiful cupcakes in the trash.
Ok let me see if I can find you some pictures from NYC, I think they're on dad's laptop.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Brent update 8/23

I am doing fine here in Cambodia.This week we had a baptism, her name is Jing and she has been learning on and off for three years now but finally committed to take the plunge into baptism. That was the highlight of the week other than that nothing new I love you all! and miss you.
Elder Wright

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Last Ontario!


Hmm...they're telling me it's the off season, we'll see, I'm not so sure I've seen a cycling off season yet!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Rainy season!

Brent still in Phnom Penh

The city flooded this week, rain or shine we preach-joy (it was actually pretty fun though so hard to ride a bike)

And if you're checking in to see if I've finished the wedding post--I will soon I promise, it just takes some time and effort, of which I've had little lately, pics are coming.....

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Red, Yellow, Green or Purple

Getting ready at our hotel in Cambridge--In Massaachusetts you have to apply for your wedding license and then pick it up three days, later, well, that would be the morning of the wedding, the city offices in Cambridge opened at 8:30 am, Kev was supposed to be at the temple at 9:00, the wedding was scheduled for 10:00 am. The offices are 4 miles from our hotel, piece of cake right!
"I don't care what color that light is, I'm going through it" After countless wrong turns (yes gps directed!) Near misses with pedestrians, construction detours, Chinese fire drills with Dad, we arrived at the Cambridge city offices for Kev to collect his marriage license. They couldn't find his license because it was filed under party A (Ally) not party B (Kev). I'm not sure Kev knew what party he was, just what party he should have already been at. By this time we are at least a half hour late, and he has amassed double digit traffic violations. Back out of the city offices he switches driving with dad (again) in the middle of the intersection (again) and thinks we can figure out the way to the temple.
To be continued--blogger won't load my pictures.

Finally arrived with brothers, at the temple.

Ally was already there wondering where her groom was! It was a beautiful day in Boston, the day before it had rained, but the wedding day was beautiful, the temple grounds were gorgeous. Finally everyone was assembled, the wedding was lovely.

Yay! It's a done deal, Ally and Kevin Wright.

We are all jumping for joy, welcome to the crazy Wright family Ally!

Kev and his best man Andrew, the little brothers thought it would be a great idea to post this picture on FB with the caption "a Massachusetts wedding"

A beautiful day, a beautiful bride!

Kev is showing me his ring, it was his great grandpa Wright's wedding ring.

Vans, pink, green and white.

"Maine? California? This guy!" Yep this guy made it all happen!

Ally's Family.

Best Man-Andrew Maid of Honor-Sabrina

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Another week in the Phnom Pehn Cambodia Mission

Elder Brent Wright and his companion Elder Chea
So I asked Brent if this picture was taken in front of his apartments, he has mentioned that their apartment is very nice, probably nicer than the apartments the elders here live in. Here is his reply:

Hahaha, no that's in front of our church. The front of our apartment has a big wall with barbed wire on it and graffiti in Khmer that says, "No peeing on this wall", yet every morning there is at least someone peeing on it......

and the weekly update:

So this week was a really rough week for our area.
They just opened a new branch that took members from our area and also took almost all our progressing investigators. Our church attendence went from 100 people to 50 and all of our member help is gone. So the area right now is very, very hard but other than that I am doing ok. I had quite a few rough days this week but yesterday was good and today is p day so I am happy. I have started teaching English four times a week and that is surprisingly difficult. It's kinda fun though for them to speak my language and for me to be allowed to speak English to them.. even though most of them don't understand. The first lesson I taught was so hard though I kept tripping up on my words and using bad grammar, it was hard to speak English when I am so used to speaking Khmer with them... I made a few new pairs of pants here which are way sweet only costs me 9 bucks to have a customed tailored pair of pants its sweet they look nice.... other than that nothing new for this week. I am sorry to hear Grammy fell, tell her I love her and will be praying for her recovery. Also sorry to hear grandpa's health is down I hope he recovers.... sounds very, very busy with all the wedding prep send me pics of everything I want to see the doors you are painting and what is going on with the pool. Love you all and miss you,
Elder Wright