Sunday, April 22, 2012


Squished weekend, that's what I would have to call it, Brian's graduation, Kyle's birthday, and prom!  Whew.  Let me round up some pictures.

Bri, Sarah and Maddie @ Cheesecake Factory
We got to Provo on Wednesday night for Brian's graduation.  We went to SL for dinner and to check out the new City Creek Mall. 

                                            Kerri and Bri

Papa's boys!

 Graduation!  Thursday.

 We are so excited to have Bri, Sarah and Madison in Irvine soon!

Yay--the end, these were the best smiles!

Sarah's mom and grandparents

 Bri's luncheon @ Olive Garden
Dave, Bonnie and Maddie

Bri's graduation gift from all of the Kenison and Wright families, a bike!  What else could it be, for a Wright?

We had a great time getting to visit with everyone, it all just went so fast!  Friday was Kyle's 18th birthday, his friends threw him a surprise birthday party and he had a great time.  We hurried home on Saturday to make it back in time for prom.

 Kyle, Bryan, and Riley

Kyle, Riley, Tyler and Bryan
They had a big group that went on a party bus, prom was at Santa Anita this year.

So Kyle had a great birthday celebration without us, but we knew when we got home there was one more gift he needed, his phone was barely hanging in there.  We added a line so we would have a phone when Brent got home, we got a go-phone for now and then Brent can upgrade when he gets home.
 We put the go phone in Kyle's gift bag on top, here he is extolling the virtues of the sleek, minimalistic design of the go-phone!  After digging a little deeper in the bag he found--------

Yay a new "real" phone!!

Happy Birthday to Kyle
Happy Graduation to Brian

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Flat Stanley goes to Cambodia

Brent's cousin Brandon, isn't he cute, he reminds me of Brad, you can just see the sparkle in his eyes!  He sent Brent Flat Stanley, here are Brent's pictures he sent back to Brandon.