Monday, June 17, 2013


So we went to Davis this weekend to pick up Kyle--it seemed like a good excuse to get the cousins together!
This is the Phelan/McCullough clan that started this whole thing!  This was taken at my grandparents 45th wedding anniversary party, in 1976. 
 Front row left to right Rose, May and Ett. middle row Clara ,Bob, Carmel, Eloise and Helen back row Jim, Charles, Bill, Jack and Mike.
This is called the chickensh*t picture because cousin John told them all to say that and they are all laughing, look at Aunt Rose, she's still saying it!
 This was a few years later, we all got together to celebrate Bamp's 80th birthday.

June 1983
Now here we are 30 years later, we better not wait another 30 years!!!
June 2013

Sunday, June 9, 2013

A Maddie weekend

 It was a Maddie weekend, Papa and I went down to Bri and Sarah's on Saturday and watched Maddie while they sneaked out to a movie.  Grandma and Maddie match! After that we had a fun dinner at CPK.  
 And this little story is in the same tone as "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie".  If you ask a dentist to help you get a piece of glass out of your foot, he might want better tweezers.  If you can't find better tweezers he might want to go to the office for better tweezers and glasses, if the better glasses don't work he may want to use the microscope.  With all that great vision from the microscope he may decide it's very deep and then he'll want to numb you, and then since you're numb he can take bigger, "better" instruments (forget the tweezers!) to get that piece of glass out of your foot.
Done!  Foot is fine---and that is how we spent a Sunday afternoon.

Monday, June 3, 2013

KERRI:  Yesterday Kael said to me: "mom I think I'm going to tell you my birthday wish because I wished for the same thing for six years and it never came true" Me: "well what have you been wishing for?" Kael: "a pet zebra"

You know--if mom says no, ask grandma!