Monday, June 29, 2009

Out Takes's not this one!
Sunday evening Craig and I went with Sarah and Brian and Dave and Bonnie to take more pictures.  Sarah and Brian are very photogenic and have lots of gorgeous pictures to choose from for their wedding announcements but last night it happened--the perfect picture, no doubt.  All were unanimous.  You will have to wait till you get your announcement!
Here are a few pictures--while Dave was shooting the professional pictures, I took a few shots of the process.

This was pretty funny, Brian and Sarah are getting posed for a few more shots (little did we know the shot had already been taken) any way there were kids playing and they would run through where we were taking pictures.

Nope, not the picture.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Saturday in Utah

Brad-3rd place  Kyle-1st
Kyle congratulating Brad on his finish.  Brad's not lookin' too happy.

Parking lot, Wolf Mtn. Barn, they rode from here to the lodge at the top of Powder Mountain

We got up early this morning to get to Eden for Powder Mountain Hill Climb. If you are ever contemplating this climb just remember I told you, they lie, it is not 5 miles, it was over 6 and it is wicked.  Hey I guess that's why they call it a hill climb, Kyle says that's a lie too, it's a mountain climb.  The boys did very well, Kyle was first and Brad third for Juniors.  We came back and had lunch with Kerri and the boys and Bri and Sarah, we dropped Kev off to go climbing with friends.
You know you are a spoiled wife when your husband takes you to a chick flick when he could be going to Transformers.  We decided there was no way any of us would make it through a movie tonight so we went to a matinee after lunch.  Brad and Kyle went to Transformers, Brad was so tired he even fell asleep during the matinee.  
Craig and I went to The Proposal.

Ker and Kendall
Bri and Sarah

Dinner with everyone we could gather.

Quote of the Day

"I tried to go fast but it's hard when the hill goes up and not down."

Brad Wright

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Powder Mountain Hill Climb
Kyle 1st place
Brad 3rd place
WooHoo congratulations boys!
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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Nurse Kerri

It's official.  Kerri passed the NCLEX!
(Nursing boards)
Congratulations from all of us, we love you.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Auto Pilot

Hey honey, what mile marker is this?
Don't laugh, Craig can tell you!
Yes it is very true, the Wright family has a magic Pilot.  You just push this button we had special ordered and it takes you to Utah.  Unfortunately, every time you get in that vehicle it wants to take you to Utah.  We were just trying to figure out some of our summer plans. Actually Kyle, on his way to piano lessons, was trying to figure out how many weeks we could possibly be in Utah so he can cancel as many piano lessons as possible.  I think he is trying to get off the hook for at least 4 lessons.  We are going tomorrow and coming back on Monday, but Kyle is going to spend the week there with Craig.  We have to be home the first week of July for Dr. and ortho appts and then it's back in the Pilot for a few weeks in Utah.  Back to California for Brad to go to Scout Camp, back to Utah for the wedding, and then can you believe it, school starts August 12.  Wait, didn't summer just start and it seems like it's already half done!

Monday, June 22, 2009

I switched out the monkey wallpaper, however it is back by popular demand!

It Was a Ford Park Day

Kevin took Kyle and Brad and Kyle J and Kael to Ford Park today for a little tennis and slacklining.

Kyle J


There was time for swinging
and Del Taco for lunch
After lunch and the park they went to the library and all came home with new library books.  What lucky boys they all are to have big bro Kev, (Uncle Kev).
Now if anyone would care to read Kevin's version of this idyllic day click 

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Chill Ride

This morning we got the Burley hooked up to Papa's bike and set out for adventure.  We weren't sure where or how far we would go.
Oops, a little mishap on our bike ride.  Papa was trying to splash Kael and Kyle and slipped in the slimey, yucky gutter water.  Watch that gutter water!
The airport was a good place to stop and count the planes.  The boys get a prize at the dollar store for every plane they count.
And just a little side note from Grandma, I really like that handicap Papa has with a trailer and two boys.  YES!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Who Can Resist a Slip 'n Slide

Papa and I had to run some errands this morning and went to Wal-Mart for an oil change and tire rotation, fun stuff, well maybe not so much, we walked into the store from the automotive entrance, there it was....a Slip 'n Slide, who could resist, Kael and Kyle (who arrived last night with Papa and Brad) were so excited! What a great idea for a hot afternoon.
Even Uncle Kev and Uncle Brad couldn't resist when they saw what we came home with.

I'm missing the June gloom but this helps make up for it.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

When Sampson Cut His Hair (SCNCA State Jr. Crit Championships)

 Kyle getting a little help from dad with his number.   Note Haircut!
Go Kyle!
Brad as you can see did not cut his hair.
Go Brad!
Oh wait, what is the cheering section doing asleep?  Ahem, official cheering section no more sleeping on the job!

Next up Capitol Reef Stage Race .  Go Team Redlands!

Friday, June 12, 2009


Brad found this cool picture of Kyle on the internet.  It's from Barrio Logan.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Took Kyle to his ortho appointment today.  Red and Yellow to match the jersey.  Go State Championships!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Doesn't my bike understand I'm training for a marathon?
Apparently not because the bike is winning the race for my time and affection.  We had a bike switcheroo again a few weeks ago, Kyle is riding Dr. Madone, completely re-geared 48/13 for junior racing, Brad is riding Kyle's black Madone and guess what, Craig detailed ole blue for me and we are back together again.  New bar tape, my saddle, cleaned and oiled chain and gears and I'm lovin' my bike again.  Now about Top of Utah, oh yeah first long run this Friday, promise!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Surprise Grad Party for Brent

Just add food and it's a party.
Brent's good friend Matt
Kylie in the middle
Ahmm...Brent did you see this picture?
Party aftermath, Kev had just got home from a dance and Brent still had packing to do, it was after 1:00 am.
We put Brent on the plane this morning for Hawaii, it was hard to see him go.  Last night we had a surprise graduation party for him, they all had a good time.  His Makio friends made a very cool DVD of the last year, I think he's probably watching it again right now on the plane, maybe even with some tears in his eyes.  Graduation isn't till Wednesday, so he's missing the whole graduation, gradnite, and celebrations.  

Morning came way too fast and it was time to kick him out, 18 years old, high school diploma soon in hand, time to go make it on your own.

Just pretend the cap and gown is the right color and we're really headed down to The Bowl.

We had to have a few graduation pictures for posterity, who will know it was a "fake graduation"
A goodbye picture with dad, the bags were loaded and we were off to LAX

Oh yeah, we're really there, we're really at LAX, and yeah he's really leaving for school, college, this is real life!

A good bye hug for mom

A look that says, I think I'm really leaving

Check the drivers license and boarding pass and ready or not he's on his way.
Good luck son, we are very proud of you and know that you will do well.  You are going to have a really good time and lots of new adventures, but don't forget to study.  We love you.