Thursday, August 28, 2008

Road Rash

Crit practice started again today, we've had a break during the summer.  The first case of road rash happened tonight, starring, guess who?  Yes it was Brad.  He overlapped Seth's wheel and went down, luckily only Brad went down and he wasn't hurt too bad.  I have a picture of the road rash on his stomach but he won't let me put it on.  Here's a picture of his ripped jersey, darn, it was his favorite "Squirt" jersey.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Kevin, Craig, Then and Now

Father's and Sons
Sam Keele just sent us this picture, Sam and Andrew, Craig and Kevin

Craig and Kevin Summer 2008

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Prize for Whoever Remembers What Year This Must Be

HINT: Kerri left for college in 1999, so it is either 1999 or later. I'm looking for a few more of these I'll post them when I find them, Brad found this one tonight when he was looking for some pictures for a school project. I think it is very unfair to require timeline pictures from the sixth child in a family!!!

Wright boys. Year ?
Kevin, Brian, Brent, Kyle, Brad

Wright boys 2003
Brian, Brent, Kyle, Brad

Brian, Brent, Kyle, Brad 2004

Wright boys 2008
Brent, Kyle, Brad

I think we need another front door picture next time everyone is home!!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Avalon Benefit 50

So what do you all think? Craig's been wanting to do an Ultra, this one looks like a great one to start with. Vote today, let him know your opinion, hey go ahead and vote as many times as you want! It makes a great excuse for a trip to Catalina even though January might be kinda cold,but then again cold is good for a long day running. Kerri, will you help Kael and Kyle vote as many times as they would like.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

St. George Marathon Training Update

16 mile long run
hot sun
no fun

Yes, I know that is a very sorry attempt at poetry, but it's about the best I can do these days.  I got new running shoes, it made a difference with the knees.  We started early, Craig ran eight with me and while I continued on he ran home, got the car, water and Gummi Bears and came back to pick me up.  I'm so slow he had plenty of time to do all of this and still ran a few more miles with me.  It's nice to drive home since if you run back to our house, it is all uphill.  We cancelled Brad for the marathon he was still in the first 500 to cancel.  If you cancel in the first 500 you get guaranteed entry the next year.  It's not good that I know this because it is very tempting to hold off another year, but.....I guess I won't.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Sprint Store

Brad's Rumor phone

Well if you saw Brad's birthday post you know that he got a phone for his birthday. Since we already had five lines on our contract we had to purchase a whole new plan for Brad, to which we also added Brian when he got home, making that 7 lines. Let me tell ya, you don't want to look at my cell phone bill every month, especially the ones before we broke down and added the all you can text-text plan. A few days ago Brad asked to go to the Sprint store, why, why would you want to go to the Sprint store, I asked, it's definitely not on my list of fun places to go.
Brad: The screen on my phone is all messed up.
Me: Hmmm--did you get it wet, you know they're going to say you got it wet.
Brad: No, honest mom.
Me: Did you drop it?
Brad: (As he's snapping that cool slider thingy open and closed repetitively) No mom, the screen just stopped working.
OK off to the Sprint store we go last night, we go to the one where he got it by Target, sorry you didn't buy the extended service plan, he's not eligible for a new phone till 2010, it'll be $280 for a new phone. NO, that's not for the cool slider thingy phone, it's for the cheapest thing they have.
Well, can't we have it repaired? You can take it to the other Sprint store and they'll fix it for $99. That's sounding like a good deal to me and we head off to the other Sprint store by Wal-Mart, after signing in and waiting forever the guy says, "We might be able to repair it but it could be way more than $99, you should just buy a new phone." Well, let's just see how much it will cost to repair it. That will be $35 you should just buy a new phone. Since my phone is eligible for an upgrade, lets buy a new phone for me and then I'll trade with Brad, I like my low-tech pink phone. No ma'am you can't do that either. You would have to keep the new phone for 30 days before you could trade him. That's ok with me, but Brad looks at me with sheer panic on his face at the thought of having to carry around a pink phone at school for the next 30 days.
Me: (to the salesman) "Sir if you'll take a look at my account you will see that I have spent a lot of money with Sprint, isn't there something you can do for me that's not going to cost me a crazy amount of money?" He looks at our account, last month was the worst, because of all the changes we made to our service plans, adding Brian, texting-before new plan, etc. He goes and talks to the manager, comes back and says, "If you'll give me all 5's on a survey you'll be receiving, I'll replace your phone for $55. Alright--it's a deal, far better than I imagined. So we wait for the tech to program the new phone for Brad, transfer his numbers etc, he brings out the new phone and says, "No charge." What?! I left quickly, before they could change their minds. (With a look of amazement on my face). As I'm leaving the salesman says, "Remember our deal." No problem you want all 5's, I'll give you 10's.
While I've never liked the service you receive at Sprint stores, I do have to say I got lucky last night.
The salesman also told me something else interesting, Sprint is going to stop charging their termination fees, I don't know if it's official yet but I'm glad, $1400 to terminate all of our lines and switch is crazy, and with so many phones it's impossible to go two years without making some changes.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Back to School

The 2008-2009 school year has officially started.  Brent is a senior, at Redlands High School and  Kyle a freshman, Brad is in seventh grade at Moore Middle School.  We're off to a good start, Brent wanted AP Stat which conflicted with Makio so he has AP Calc, he is less than thrilled, however math is very easy for him so mom is ok with his schedule, he also has no first period class which means he can go to the library every morning after seminary and study and do homework.  Kyle did not get cross country PE, he also got the Honors Biology teacher from Hell (this is not an exaggeration) believe me, we've been there, so I'm putting in a call to his counselor tomorrow, we'll see what happens.  Brad seems to be very happy with his classes.
I'm not a fan of the short summer schedule however the boys will get one week at Thanksgiving, three weeks at Christmas, and two weeks for spring break, both of which are in March this year, that means six full ski weeks.  I looked into season passes today, Sundance has a great deal, it may be an early Christmas present.  According to their website you can also take the bus free if you have a season pass, not sure how that works or where it picks up.
So tonights homework is really for me, I'm signing a million curriculum papers, release cards, etc.

Brian Has a Job

I am happy for Brian that he got a job, however I must say I am sad for me, I was looking forward to having him home for a few weeks before fall semester starts. I was even having the piano tuned!

Bri got a call yesterday from the MTC offering him a job at the front desk, he accepted, and then ten minutes later he got another call asking him to come in for an interview to teach Spanish. He decided to go with the front desk job, he said it would be less stress, if he were teaching he would always be worried about preparation, were his missionaries learning, would there be more that he could be doing to help them.

Congratulations on the job Brian.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Half Pipe

Brad--Frontside Air
This is the last Saturday before school starts, Brad got a new skateboard deck yesterday, he was trying it out. Our friends John and Marie have the best back yard, the boys never want to come home.

Kyle--Backside Air
Brad, Zach and Kyle, summer vacation is way too short.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Summiting Half Dome

I got a call from Kev this morning from the top of Half Dome. Always good to know the boy is safe!

Friday, August 1, 2008

Mount Whitney

The boys returned last night from their "epic" adventure. They are all safe and very dirty even though they claim they swam in some of the lakes.

Kev and Brad the first night was car camping at Horseshoe Meadows

Kev's got "skills".

Day 1 hiking, this is a water stop at Chicken Spring Lake

Brad took this picture of Craig, the far peak in the middle is Mt. Whitney

Kevin demonstrating more "skills" at Guitar Lake.

This was their favorite camping site, it's a pond about 1/2 mile above Guitar Lake.

This was on the way up to the Summit, you can see Guitar Lake in the background.

On the way up day 3, Switchbacks up to Mt. Whitney

Summit Day 3

The boys are summiting on the summit.
Straddling a crevasse.

Gettting water at Crabtree Meadows on the way down.

Day 4 Soldier Lake