Thursday, July 30, 2009

At Your Leisure

Here is a video that At Your Leisure an outdoor channel ran on the Powder Mountain Hill Climb, look carefully for some glimpses of Kyle and Brad.
The race director also sent me a few pictures of Kyle and Brad. Thank you!

Brad with a really strong sprint finish.

Hey Kyle, turn around!

Kyle just an inch or so from that finish line.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Thanks Wayne our Spudman Personal Photographer

Brad checking out the river right before his wave.
Brad just out of T1
Kyle coming out of T1
Craig, out of the water, how often do we see a smile like that!  Love this picture.

I asked Kyle what his favorite part of the tri was, he said, "I loved passing people on the run that passed me on the bike saying, good job buddy, thinking they'd never see me again."
Brad starting the run.
Look at that killer smile, you're supposed to be hurting Kev.
Craig smoked the run and said he wasn't even trying, way to go!
And finally mom comes scraggling in!
Once again a big thank you to Janet and Wayne and family for having all of us.  We love visiting you and always leave with Burley envy for your beautiful farm.  Wayne thanks for the pictures, we'll see you at the wedding unless you're having a baby that day.  Good luck Janet, we love you.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Spudman 2009

Here are a few of our Spudman pictures, since all of us that went were participating this year Wayne was our official photographer, I'll post more pics when I get them.
Rackin' our bikes on Friday night
In a wonderland of bikes.

Smiling pretty with Mom and Dad

Game face on!
We had a fun day, the boys all had awesome times, Craig survived despite saying giant goodbyes to all of us before jumping in the river.  I managed to rip my timing chip off with my wetsuit and didn't discover it till I was about 18 miles into the bike, that was a little deflating.  Kyle was fourth in the 15-18 age group, they also put Brad into the same group and he was 12th, excellent results with a tough age group.  Kevin placed 7th in his killer competitive group and Craig and me, well we finished, hooray!

Monday, July 20, 2009

A few more weekend pics

After the awards at Capitol Reef

 We were off to the cabin, the boys wanted to get a little fishing in, Brad was very lucky, I think he caught four.
Kyle not so lucky, I think he finally did get one, it was just Brad's day!

And look who met us at the cabin!  Kev came to get a first hand race report and spend the week with us in Utah.  He starts his classes for his credential and masters degree on July 29th.
Now starts my to do list of all the things I need to get done in Utah before the wedding, I have some shopping to do with Brian and need to somehow convince Craig to go and get fitted for his tux.  Hmmmm..............bribery (aka positive reinforcement) is in order here, I'm just not sure what.  I don't have a dress yet, the boys need new Sunday clothes anyway, so they will 
love to do a little shopping!  Oh I know, I can bribe the boys with a trip to the climbing gym, or a real climbing trip with Kevin, now Craig, I'm still thinking.  I also need to tie up a few loose ends for the luncheon.  I must say it is much easier being the mother of the groom, although I may not say that the week of the open house.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Yellow jersey

Kyle won. Brad would have won but they combined him with Kyle for an awesome second. Great job boys.
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Final Stage

Juniors are off. They combined all of them. Kyle was not happy because it shortened his stage. I think he will be a happy boy when he's done though.
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Friday, July 17, 2009

Circuit Race start

It is so bright out here I can't tell if you can see the boys or not. Are they there? They just left, all the jrs and women.
UPDATE: Kyle was fourth overall behind three pro women, Brad was the second junior. Road Race tomorrow and they're done.

Capitol Reef Classic

Kyle won the Jr time trial this morning. Brad was first in his division, third for overall juniors. The picture is the start line of the circuit race which starts in about 20 minutes. Hot, but the scenery is amazing.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Did You Get Your Invitation Yet?

Hey everyone you should have received your invitation, if not consider this an official invitation or leave a comment with your address and we'll make sure you get a personal invitation in your mailbox.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Park City Rain

Saturday in PC 
Umm, yeah, it looked like this when we started, looks like we would beat the rain,

and we got pelted.
Oh well, even though we didn't get in as much riding as we wanted we were able to drive another ride we're going to try to do this week.  Out to Kamas, cut off at Browns Canyon, back to PC, should be about a 40 mile ride.  Looks like a wicked climb into Kamas, then not so bad, we'll see.

Monday, July 6, 2009


Of the Diet Coke castle.

Check out this cake, it's the best, personalized by Brad, look at mom flyin' down the road on her bike!
Unfortunately we have to admit that we have birthdays.  My boys all graciously congratulated me on being 29 today, I reminded them that I'm really 39, it's ok, I really have to be old enough to be their mother.  It's been a great birthday, it started with a great celebratory lunch with friends on Friday, thank you to all of you, I loved it.
We celebrated again on Sunday since Craig was leaving that afternoon.  Thank you to all my family for my gifts.  (Ker did you know I lost my favorite black sweater at the airport in Aruba?)  And today the boys made dinner, sub sandwiches, salad and chips, and check out the cake!  They surprised me with a Diet Coke tower, a movie and ice cream to go with the cake.  I love you all. Oh and one more thing, my peanut butter magically reappeared!

Happy Birthday

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!! I hope you had a great day today! I love you!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

4th of July

Fireworks, Family and Friends
Fourth of July at the U of R