Sunday, May 15, 2011


Tarun, Riley, Mike and Kyle
I was surprised--no tuxes this year, that's ok, I'm just as happy to get him a new suit that will be way more useful than a tux!
Very cute!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Skype Success!

Probably should say semi-success, we weren't able to add anyone to the call without losing Brent, but the Brent to home connection was great! Why haven't we Skyped before? Saturday we had fun with a group call, Kerri and the boys, and Bri, later Kev. It was so fun to get to see Brent's face our conversation with him was hilarious hearing about the perils of an Elder who can't speak Khmae, I keep telling him one day he'll wake up and it will just be there, he will speak fluently, he vehemently disagrees, "mom you have no idea!" I love and miss my Brenny, we are so proud of you son.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Kerri's Mother's Day

Look what Ker got for Mother's Day, but far better than the flowers is this picture, I love those two!

Barrio Logan

Kyle, Duban and Brady
Brad and Duban

See the orange, Brad had to bunny hop it in a few of his laps, fun to watch.

Kyle's finish, see the last photo that the race officials took.

Jarbs, Duban, Brady, Kyle, Riley and Brad
The boys had a great day of racing yesterday at Barrio Logan, the weather cooperated and wasn't too hot. Check out this picture of Kyle's photo finish. They posted the picture with the results and were nice enough to send me a copy of it. That's Kyle at the top throwing his bike across the line.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Oh Paula!

Dear Paula,
I just love you to death. You and my mom are two of the greatest cooks I know, and yep it's the butter for sure! Tonight I had to make your dessert tortilla cause I just bought a zillion tortillas yesterday. I would take a picture of it, but then I would have to put it all together with the ice cream and then I would have to eat it so the ice cream wouldn't melt. If I could talk the boys into eating another one I will take a picture. This is Paula's recipe for an easy, evil dessert:

Butter a tortilla, layer with a sliced banana, chocolate chips, brown sugar and cinnamon. Start to grill, butter top tortilla, sprinkle with brown sugar (on the top side you just buttered) so you'll have crispy carmelized brown sugar when you cook this side. Top with ice cream, and carmel syrup.

I cut the tortilla into fourths, it was plenty 'cause it's very rich. Some whipped cream on top sounds really good too. It reminds me of deep fried ice cream. Next, how about some bacon wrapped breadsticks.
I think I need to unfollow, detweet, Paula I don't think I've every seen her make anything that I don't want to try.