Sunday, April 6, 2014

Cookie Dough Cake

This fun cake was my inspiration for Brian and Sarah's birthday cake this year.  It looks easy right!  I got up super early to get it going, they were going to be here to watch conference with us and celebrate their birthdays.  My first try was a fail, both layers of the cake stuck to the pans and tore, I was trying to take a short cut and use a boxed mixed.  Since I had to start over I decided to go ahead and make the Paula Deen butter cake from scratch.  Yay, it worked!
The cake turned out really well, the recipes are here.  If you make it, I think the Paula Deen cake is good but a little heavy.  The cookies are great, but remember to make a roll very small, for the cookies on top and then a larger roll for the sides.  The center is a ton of frosting and cookie dough balls, it is yummy.  The recipe made a lot of dough balls, I thought is was too many and didn't use all of them--next time I would definitely put all the dough balls in.  The frosting is really, really, good, I have never made buttercream frosting with flour, trust me it's good, just remember to double the recipe and like it says on the directions beat it for a long time.  I put it in my stand mixer and set the time for 10 minutes, it was perfect.

Happy birthdays to Brian and Sarah, we love you, thanks for spending the day  with us.

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Judy said...

I. Must. Make. This. Cookie dough AND frosting between the layers? Yes. Cookies around the sides? Yes. Buttercream frosting? Yes. Bob's birthday is coming up. I think he wants this cake.