Sunday, April 9, 2017

Brad's Backies a Birthday and Deep Creek Hot Springs

Brad decided last minute on Friday to head up to Salt Lake and spend the weekend with Kyle.  Lucky for them they got a storm and had a two good days of skiing.

Brian celebrated a big birthday!  Happy birthday Bri, we all love you so much!

And this is what Craig and I did.  We did the Deep Creek Hot Springs hike.  I had never been here before and it's very cool.  Of course I did the slackline to the hot springs perfectly because who wants to fall into that freezing water!

This was the start of the trail (and it was cold!).  

The hike is downhill going in, the wildflowers along the trail were amazing.  When you get to the hot springs you have to wade across a creek and then there are 7 different pools, some hotter than others. The hike back is a pretty steep uphill, if you do this bring plenty of water, even though it wasn't hot today the hot springs are dehydrating and it's a semi strenuous hike back.

Craig surprised me with peanut butter, a yummy treat before we headed back.  Mmmmm...gotta have some peanut butter.

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